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In 21 hours from when this message was posted, baraag will experience downtime for a few hours as we migrate to a new server.

We will be upgrading our storage space, going from 2x 960GB SSD to 2x 2TB SSD drives. The server cost on my end will be going up as a result from $149 to $209 per month, but I should have no issues with current donations and covering the rest out of pocket.

Thank you all for your support.

i recently found out that i like lolis getting gangbanged. so thats cool

apparently there was a rollback so i'm reuploading

making patreon polls public from now on so feel free to vote or smth idk

my teen angst is overtaking my drive to draw porn


tell me djheycha isnt one of the best loli artists rn ill execute u myself

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