loli size diff 

took a while for him to squeeze in

[$25] Patron Reward! :3
I was asked to draw my OC Raimundo! So I made sit on a stool looking over some papers, and coming to the conclusion that yeah, he can't read.

I also made this sketch into a process video, which is available on Patreon and SubStar. Gonna do more of those as well. :3


ι€²ζ—ζΆˆγ—γ‘γ‚ƒγ£γŸγ—γ“γ“γ γ‘γ±γ†γƒΌγ«γ―γŠγ„γ¦γŠγ“γ†β€¦

Full Body Comm for user T-Spacer from DA with giantess Marnie about to step on a tiny city, itΒ΄s maybe a city of Galar Region? πŸ€”

non-con/rape, gangbang 

a 400 followers gift...

dipper has some unfinished business with tyrone and his friends~

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