Second page of new commisioned comic is done!

Well, Holly is really cute and nice girl, and her slumy guts are only for food, not person! But our sweet little Claire already find a way - Hplly often go into la-la land, and her imagination a poverfull thing. So...

So, Claire`s adventure begin!

You know where support me already xD:

Look like cute little Claire want make expedition into sweet little Holly! But, lets hope what it will not ended like holy.. i mean, Holly`s shi... XD

As usual, don`t forget support me! It really make animation out faster, because... You know... Priorise XD:

Dont step on bugs! They can bit in back! xD
Just cute smol vore comic with my cutie-pillar Jora!

I really needed in something just for myself, so, short comic with my Jora is really what i needed for!
So, from now, my "holidays" is finished and i ready continie my main works - Bronty and Shantae ones!

I hope you spend this new year holidays a great!

full comic and sourse files you can see there!:

только что
Look like after another half pf year will be new video... xD

and yeas. Her name is Kibrana, and this character been created a long time ago... but it been ONLY as arts before)

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New animation is released!:

Genre: vore animation, monstrgirls

Used software: Blender 2.8 beta , Sony Vegas

Don`t forget check my Patreon! There will be shared a most resourses from this animation!!:

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