Bea teaching her bees to breed... with her. Buzzing wings probably giving a nice vibrator feel with the strap.

I remember I included the Mike/Val thing to extend the "Loving sister" theme to at least one other set of characters.

So here go the loving sister study session!

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Very slowly trying to get over the burn out. Sometimes it requires sketching a loli doing lewd public stuff to get it rolling

โ€œThere are good memes, and there are bad memes. Why has God abandoned us?โ€

Last minute idea since Iโ€™m usually bad at partaking in memes, and I knew there was a good loli candidate. Will probably have an OC of my own to add, but for the time being, Lucy from Lovinโ€™ Sis belongs to comrade @xierra099 !

Just a little girl proudly showing off her her hot gf moms, the average American dream

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A secret nobody's told you is the rawest image to grace human eyes happened in an n64 game from 1999

"Hangin' out" Done by my wonderful friend @Mousy_sanae, thank you very much!

Lolly and I went to the playground to hang out--at one point literally. We were up to our usual shenanigans. Look, Ma, no hands!

Lolly is @ButterscotchLollipop
Lemmy is me

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