@YouShouldRlyKYS you're doing the lord's work bring more Lili porn into the world!

@YouShouldRlyKYS Oh new artist? Great first pic, you earn a new follower.

Nice stuff! I’m not gonna kill myself but I can at least give you a follow. 😜

@YouShouldRlyKYS Beautiful work! If you're who I think you are, thank god you're doing well all these unter years. If not, either way, your art is amazing! You have a discord or stream on pomf or something? There's a lot of loli servers with fellow artists~

@Shirobine It's not me sorry. I have never draw things like this before. I made a separate account to post this in order to stay anonymous. However I take inspiration from many different popular CUNNY artists as you can see. Thank you for the favorite :D

@YouShouldRlyKYS Ah, I see. All the same, good to see you post, hope to see more of your art!

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