I'm listening this song in loop. Sometime you want to be sad for no reason.

@Buttfool I hope you can finish the week in a much better place than when you started it.

@Yokappa Lol, the existential dread has been a little thick... :blobpats:

This is a sad song?
Lol I felt like I could dance hardcore to this.

@Yokappa I get some of those days too. Stay strong. You'll get through them.

@Yokappa That's a sad statement, pero uno muy cierto...

Estoy totalmente de acuerdo contigo y es algo deprimente, por que estos días no puedo evitar estar así.

Será raro, pero ésta pieza me anima un poco, ver a Rebeca trasmitiendo emociones tan profundas es siempre un deleite.

@Ice_Vmp Es el infame enano masoquista que todos tenemos dentro y que a veces trata de salir a tomar sol. Personalmente disfruto de estos momentos de miseria, siempre que sea pasajero.

@Yokappa I get that feel, just don't lean too much into it fren

@Yokappa Using art to deal with such feelings can be a healthy way to cope.

Times are tough for everyone currently though and things won't be looking up anytime soon. One just has to roll with the punches.

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