After deep kiss right down her throat sent her heart fluttering, Jeanette lingered on the cobra's gaze just a little too long...

Early access and other variants on the fanbox!

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A continuation of this pic from a few years back- Jeanette and the snake that gave her the bedroom eyes in "Getting Lucky" have always been my OTP

@JadeChan I'm sure all the snakes could think about was slithering up her tube top~

@YRVY I really can't vilify the snake, Jeanette looks so sweet, slender and juicy! Who could say "no" to that? XD

So good, this scene and others that clearly were meant to make some Chippette lovers inspired me to work with an artists in What Ifs regarding some of the scenes.

@YRVY Delicious slender Jeanette body proportions! Awesome amount of detail!

@sunshineandlolipops Thanks!
Getting her petite proportions right is super important! 😀

@sendserotonin Jeanette's the cutest by far and definitely the secret pervert of the group!

@YRVY Agreed 100%. Never thought I'd see porn of her still being made. You've done us a service.

@YRVY not a fan of beast content but she is so hot when mesmerized. Need more like that (with more human-like charmers)

@manateeman While I would NEVER deny Jeanette's one true love, she's also the cock-crazed slut of the group. I'm sure she has "secret" social media accounts and streams...

@YRVY yeah but Alvin would be the one to totally fall for a comic book ad for a hypno watch thinking he'd use it to get out of chores and maybe prank Brittany.

But I am talking about the hypno situation in general so you get more humanoid seducers.

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