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Winter opening
Will take 4 slots this time.

Commissions will be accepted ONLY through my email:
For any questions regarding commissions please use this email as well.

People who asked before will get a priority.

I will reply to this post when commissions will be closed.

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A little gift/study painting for @CrookedTeeth
I have a thing for demon shota

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me to any cute guy with long curly hair

"here's the deal: you let me use your ass, I suck your dick"

Innocent Fun

Both of the OCs belong to the wonderful ColoAss, very lewd in their adult forms but I knew I just gotta do comic (comics?) of their loli and shota forms.



Woh~ Gus you so flexible boy.

Dont tell me Gus cant Self-suck, we need an autofellatioble Gussy~😩

Commission :3
A boy who grew up among anthropomorphic wolves. He is playing a hide-and-seek game with his friend here.

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