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This post serves as an anchor for all my NSFW stories, so they're slightly easier to find (though you can also just check out my AO3 for them).

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Damn, I'd love to have someone with which I can share and discuss pictures of anime girl's feet.

DM me here or on my twitter if you want a smug loli to step on your face! If you're otherwise cool, we might become good friends 🙏

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Wanted to give an update, I'm feeling a lot better than I did last month. Still don't want to be fully active again for a while, but I'll pop in from time to time.

Changing your handle on Baraag is a lot more complex than on Twitter so I'll figure that out when I want to be more active again.

Erma Mindfuck.
Commissioned by another, drawn by Soulcentinel.

Chara the Chocolate adventurer.

Now this is just a concept, but there's a kind of fic that I love more than anything, and that is a bunch of characters playing together something like dnd.

So my idea is to eventually make a comic, where Frisk, Asriel and Chara plays one of these games, however thanks to their stupid strategies (since they got bad brute force strategies thanks to their numerous resets) they lose (get fucked) a lot

A couple alts commissioned for this minerva piece for @DLaw7 Finn works hard to please his mom 😜

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Jeez, that slingkini really doesn't cover much for Jaiden, huh?

Teressa from Pumpkin Report. She is a plant like alien in disguise, she knows little of human culture but will do anything to blend in...

From Soulcentinel

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