Since it's just been sitting on my computer collecting dust, here's some erotica I wrote several months back. Not sure if it's any good but I hope someone gets some enjoyment out of it.

Title: Disciplined Princess
Tags: Father x Daughter, Incest, Lolicon, Rich Family, Spanking

I wonder if Gears for Breakfast knew that as soon as they showed Hat Kid in pigtails, that'd just make people want to fuck her more?

Not actually sure how to credit the first three poses since I couldn't find a name attached to them, but the 4th pic is based on loli anatomy lineart by the great Alkemanubis! I hope one day I can be skilled enough to draw cute girls like him on my own.

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I wanted to try making a loli OC so here's Oona, a horny and aggressive changeling girl that hangs out in the woods and sneaks into camps for fun times and snacks. She can modify her appearance at will, and even her reproductive organs! So... There's that. >w<

I'm still trying to get the hang of this, so some tracing/ref stuff was involved. Also features a group pic with @mithlonde's dusk girl, Mith!

Getting through my commission queue!

Sweet scene with a fanbox supporter's ocs.
Thank you so much for commissioning me! 💛

full high rez and process vid will be available on fanbox at the end of the month!

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