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Yo be honest, I never really felt like I'd fit in anywhere anymore with how the internet is turning. While I don't know most of y'all, y'all make me feel okay to be myself again. So honestly, thank y'all.

I combed over the video of the two paths Bridget's story can take, and I am pretty confident that him deciding to be a girl is essentially the "Bad end" because he concludes that he isn't strong enough to follow through with his plans and decides his best path to happiness is to concede to being a girl and go home.
I gots a breakdown here:

Didn't think I'd see the day where Bridget being popular again would be depressing... :(

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Hoo boy this was quite a work, i still got it done relatively fast given the waits i did on it so i didnt overdo myself /too/ much

Right, so! Big big BIG lil orgy! xD and it features from submission to submission:

Riri, Annie, Issy, Azerio, @GavinAlvarez, @Huzz, Rarapau, Ooober, Bear , @DalethFox , @Euphraim , Sonny, DevenDrake , @StratusBunny , Lin , @ReiFelinus Cycy , @Sargon , Lambent , @LenLenaru , Haru , and @DravenLoso

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Huh... I wonder why my home feed is showing a bunch of posts almost a month old mixed in with posts only a few hours old?

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This is a basic mockup reference for a Loporrit OC I've been thinking about. This won't be the final design, as I'm not 100% sure on the hair color, and I'm thinking the ears might flop down - plus he prolly gonna be thiccr too :3

I wish more people tagged their kinks, especially the darker ones :(

Oh gosh I need big boobie big pp mommy gf 💦 💦 💦

OOoooOOoo - F-list looka like they allow lala-lewds as long as they are drawings (no 3D renders)

Played some Heroes of the Storm for nostalgia.

Forgot how hot Orphea is 👀

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Saw something nice that immediately reminded me of recent sad times. Sometimes I wish I could choose to forget certain things :(

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A sketch commission of @/WillaGrey 's Lala. He's a little femboy like mine so this was tons of fun to make! Thanks for commissioning me!

I'm glad dis place exists - I always sad to see artists pressured to avoid creating work they want in order to avoid outrage and stress. They may not be able to get the same kinda numbers from places like twooter, but at least it's much more comfy.

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