Today marks the 5th year anniversary of and the community we have here. Without the support of everyone, I would not have the resolve to fight back against those that have been relentless in their attempts to take us down.

I hate to have to beg or make a plea for donations. But I am getting stretched thin with work and the upkeep costs for this server. At the rate of growth we are experiencing, we will need to upgrade our server setup by the end of this year to keep up.

day 23: sports
the parents of the youth lacrosse team set up a joint training camp with a local university, so their kids can get some tips from older players—turns out these college boys want to give a whole lot more than just the tips.

doodle requests from twitter:
① [kemono jihen] kabane, shiki, and akira getting kaedes kitsune knot
② [dragalia lost] elias and lowen frotting
③ [ina11] tachimukai and toramaru


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