Doodle of my genderswap Epsi in OK KO style, including versions with a cyberarm (bottom two) which would be what she'd actually be like in the OK KO universe.

Drawn and uploaded on my phone.

implied incest 

Crossover thing I doodled pretty quick. My genderswap Epsilon wearing the Praetor Suit and using the Bezerk powerup (both Doom 2016)

implied incest 

Another pic of my genderswap, this time hugging the genderswap of a good mate of mine, @zErasedhead

Part of an art trade, I believe.

implied incest 

implied incest 

Quick lewd thing of me and my brother's genderswaps, Epsi (right) and Jenn (left) giving some bloke a handy.

I'm planning on making an animated version, but classes have been taking up a lot of time and animation is hard.

Jenn is @BadgertheThirteenth 's genderswap

implied incest 

implied incest 

Some kind of fantasyverse AU for Sin Kids, and my contribution with my characters and a few others.

Basic gist is, Toby's a wandering traveller/lost prince, Panther is his hired bodyguard, Rose is a foreign summoner, and Terry's there for the ride. Also Rochelle is a Cleric, but not actually in the party owing to her condition.

Random doodle of something that kinda just came to mind. Should do more stuff like this.

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