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I made a video compiling all of Amaya's lewd acts on Emilio with speed variations too :blobcheer: Enjoy! :blobmelt:

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Did an animation of Amaya teasing Emilio. ill post the swimsuit and pantyhose version tomorrow :> :blobsweat:

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i write the most normie fan fictions. Actually just drew this one pic of lunagirl trying to sneak in school life.
Also casual dragongirl

Dragon Girl giving you some martial art training... without clothing.. to free the mind!
Turns out she couldn't free her mind of the fingering. 1/2


I guess ill post a link to the drawpile i'm drawing in because is out for now. 😩
So join to watch or draw! drawpile:// password is 1
Hop in! :blobcheer:

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