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I made a video compiling all of Amaya's lewd acts on Emilio with speed variations too :blobcheer: Enjoy! :blobmelt:

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Did an animation of Amaya teasing Emilio. ill post the swimsuit and pantyhose version tomorrow :> :blobsweat:

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I guess ill post a link to the drawpile i'm drawing in because is out for now. 😩
So join to watch or draw! drawpile:// password is 1
Hop in! :blobcheer:

been working on this but... dont know if i should finish it. i just die when i think of the work needed for a background like this.

My twitter got suspended for no reason at all...

A lunagirl sketch done at work for those who have been missing her. :blobheart:

Hi everybody, sorry i haven't posted in a while but i did manage to do some sketches this month but nothing serious...


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