ATF's reverse proxy in EU has been suspended. Might move to US-based one if I can't find a suitable one any closer.

@LBBS Hey, I've unbanned your account. Sorry about that, the moderator thought the two word replies you were gave were nor serious. I'll ask them to err on the side of caution with these things.

Consider supporting English Localization of Japanese Eroge, VenusBlood HOLLOW, on Kickstarter. Only 18 hours to go with one stretch goal still to be reached. There's a free English DEMO for both HOLLOW and the previously translated FRONTIER title. There are great backer rewards if you want some swag to go with your game:

@k0yangi Maybe try reaching them via the new scanlation site? And while they did go dark in most places, they kinda came back at least for a moment. Talked to them on Discord.

@vaston64 Thank you for the warm welcome! Been here since August 2019 (should have joined years ago) but I do plan to be more active from here on out :) alternative, are done with their new server and switching over to Xenforo. So check it out if shota is your jam.

A toot to toot my own horn, as I haven't used the hashtag before: is now officially dead. Some of the former users have migrated to and there are also alternatives being worked on such as

@dbzwii09 Did I? Been pretty hectic day so my brain is bit scattered to which one you are referring to xD

@dbzwii09 Yeah and I intend to keep it that way for the foreseeable future. But if there is any trouble, I do have that serves as a status page (it's not dynamic tho, have to update it manually).

We will see. ExHentai was supposed to go down forever but it lives again. And ATF has been done for several times as well :p

@dbzwii09 Yeah they've been hinting about retiring for a long time, but the data is still intact so now they just need to find a new admin and a place to host.

And I do welcome Shotachan members to join ATF if it's just to regroup / bide their time.

Yeah... there is an update on the matter however:

And I'm hopefully that there's either a full reboot or a new site with same focus.

Scanlations will split off to it's own site, there's already placeholder site in place as mentioned in that PSA, so that will stay active at least.

And the data is still intact for the whole site so it still might get rebooted under different administration.

@GeroGyaru This is the initial message they put up before putting the site back up again for a limited time.

Update on

"You have less than 48 hours before Shotachan goes offline permanently. I reconsidered shutting it down immediately. Get what you can while you can. This is the end guys. I'm sorry." has now been closed down. If you visit the site you'll see a message from their admin as of why.

There is a chance that the site will be rebooted under new administration as-is, depending on what passing on the "digital remains" entails.

For those seeking to migrate to a new home, there is ATF, Lolicit and LAH. There might also be some purely shota-centric community as well (let me know if you know one).

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