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Any pixel artist interested in an Community gamedev?

Scheduled maintenance on 6th of January from 1 PM to 7 PM GMT+0. Affects all of ATF services which will be offline for the duration.

@Locity I'm good, gave the project a boost (for what it's worth).

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I doubt that the site had any real CP on it and I hope that the guy wasn't personally into it. He could then fight this to the highest level of the justice system and in the case he won, it would be an important victory for us.

We'll see if this has any effect on the other sites hosted in US. Just for stories there's ASSTR and Nifty which hopefully are hosted in more favorable states. They also don't charge any money for access so that alone makes them less of a target.

The site in question seems to have been mrdouble dot com (not a good idea to visit that domain) which was established in 1996, offered paid membership and is currently down.

Basically FBI had arrested several users for CP and/or child abuse who had visited and subscribed to the site. Site was deemed suspicious due to association and credentials of arrested users were used to access the members area and to find out who was running it.

FBI arrests man in connection to website that "trafficks in child sex abuse stories".

Articles about the case:

Sorry for the very late response... server would be the same. Did you use it like this: "limticlewd|54e9f126cd..." ?

Anyways, best place to get support for Pomf would be the Discord server:

@Limticlewd you can bypass the IP check (which compares the one you logged onto the Pomf with the origin of stream) by doing "username|apikey". Just don't expose your apikey to anyone.


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