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"You have less than 48 hours before Shotachan goes offline permanently. I reconsidered shutting it down immediately. Get what you can while you can. This is the end guys. I'm sorry."

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@GeroGyaru This is the initial message they put up before putting the site back up again for a limited time.

@Vistarrr Ah geez, at least it's not getting shut down by people on the outside. Hopefully all the data is able to be backed up and made available somewhere else. Still sucks though, since I liked their scanlations.

Scanlations will split off to it's own site, there's already placeholder site in place as mentioned in that PSA, so that will stay active at least.

And the data is still intact for the whole site so it still might get rebooted under different administration.

@Vistarrr Here's hoping. We need more talented and trained people in the kodocon community that can handle web administration.

@Vistarrr well, this is upsetting. Shotacat was a good friend of mine, or so I considered him to be. I tried contacting him on Telegram but he's gone from there too.

@k0yangi Maybe try reaching them via the new scanlation site? And while they did go dark in most places, they kinda came back at least for a moment. Talked to them on Discord.

@k0yangi this is so sad for me, I feel like I lost so many nice friends!

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