Follow has now been closed down. If you visit the site you'll see a message from their admin as of why.

There is a chance that the site will be rebooted under new administration as-is, depending on what passing on the "digital remains" entails.

For those seeking to migrate to a new home, there is ATF, Lolicit and LAH. There might also be some purely shota-centric community as well (let me know if you know one).

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@Vistarrr wow, i thought shotachan would be around forever. I took it for granted.

@Vistarrr its kinda sad, ive been a member there for four years.

Yeah... there is an update on the matter however:

And I'm hopefully that there's either a full reboot or a new site with same focus.

@Vistarrr the owner did say he is getting stressed out, but now the refugees (including me) went to ATF.

@dbzwii09 Yeah they've been hinting about retiring for a long time, but the data is still intact so now they just need to find a new admin and a place to host.

And I do welcome Shotachan members to join ATF if it's just to regroup / bide their time.

@Vistarrr heard the owner tried to do that but failed to do so... end of an era, i assume

We will see. ExHentai was supposed to go down forever but it lives again. And ATF has been done for several times as well :p

@Vistarrr im just glad ATF is still around after it had that problem a while back

@dbzwii09 Yeah and I intend to keep it that way for the foreseeable future. But if there is any trouble, I do have that serves as a status page (it's not dynamic tho, have to update it manually).

@Vistarrr thats good. also i know u noticed my post about my OC in the forums :3

@dbzwii09 Did I? Been pretty hectic day so my brain is bit scattered to which one you are referring to xD

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