Persona 5 Justine # loli
Going back to quicker messier sketches for a bit after this to practice harder

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Commission - Re:Zero Capella

I’m on Patreon. In case you want to support me or some exclusive content 👀 haha

Picture from the timelapse I posted
Procreate is pretty cool

Got an iPad and tried out procreate. My friend showed me that I can timelapse.
I tried some brushes so some parts are slow

Some face sketches. I've been doing some fundamental exercises/studies lately so lack of posts. On a side note I paid off my student loans. Yippee

Was trying to change my char style to match my background style more. Next time I'll try the opposite since I don't like how this one ended up.. Zoe is bae tho

Still trying to figure some things out with this zoe pic. Trial and error. I'd say maybe halfway done? -shrugs-

Very rough WIP of the next thing I'll actual finish instead of stopping at a sketch.

Just some hand practice. Drawing hands hurts my soul ☠️

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This is a little bit of a passion project, Sothis from Fire Emblem: Three Houses!
I'm experimenting with color harmonies, this was really really fun to make :blobheartcat:

Well with another 30 days of non-essential businesses being closed I have no excuse not to practice. XD Justine from Persona 5.

Started a new job, will try to post more sketches and stuff soon.

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