Started a new job, will try to post more sketches and stuff soon.

yea...on top of being a slowpoke there is a style disparity between how I do backgrounds and how I do people. I will work on that as I get better. I just wanna draw starry skies and lewds 😂

I know it has been like a week, it is almost done ;o

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real rough sketch of Sothis for the WIP finished piece I'm doing. Only progress post since I do my backgrounds in 1-2 sittings and anything else is just fixing up/shading Sothis which you already get the gist.

Been getting over being sick and just practicing figures. Nothing new to share but here is an old picture.

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Warm up sketch from awhile ago. If you know who it is.... ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)

I drew this for someone as a prank. They didn't know it was trap. XD

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