A recent drawing. Still trying to improve slightly at backgrounds & learn how to actually color coordinate.

By the time I finished the lineart I kinda wished I had used a different angle. Depression.

More sexual narcissism. I made a variant with an office lady for those who found it more appealing, but the original concept was selfcest.

Shitpost I guess? I wanted to get better at drawing hands and I decided to draw a gyaru's hand playing Hunt: Showdown for funsies.

Great game, btw.

"Daddy's lil princext"

Is that not a shirt yet? Actually, how is "Yes, daddy" and "Rental mommy" fine for people to wear in public considering people lose their minds regarding the topic of incest? Weird.

A dwarf. Not a fantasy dwarf. Just a dwarf. I wish people would agree on a new word to differentiate. It's too confusing.

Thiccling barmaid serving a horse futa. Thiccling is just a pointless name I gave to what is effectively a goblin whose ear/tail/skin I repeatedly change for variety. I know, who asked.

Age regression/RP with a physically incompatible body. Weirdly specific, I know.

I haven't had any time to spend on here yet but it's kind of a bitch to find art despite there seeming to be a lot of artists. Do people just not tag their stuff on here? Sadge.

Pregnant squats. No idea what inspired this. Maybe those ladies lifting while pregnant? I remember seeing that somewhere. I've somehow never seen that fetish in porn, but rule 34 I guess?

Casually picking up groceries while wearing your new thicclings. Totally normal. Forgive the lazy background. Even if I tried it'd look bad.

Gyaru rave girl. I really need to revisit drawing rave-inspired stuff.

I'm so bad at remembering to tag.

And this is Isabelle, Ophelia's sub.

For clarity, Isabelle is a male and Ophelia is a futa. Though I doubt it matters much to anyone degen enough to use it.

I don't tend to draw many OCs, but for the sake of consistency I named this one Ophelia.

I keep forgetting tags on this site. When I uploaded this to Pixiv I apparently misused the horse girl tag. How could I know that UmaMusume completely overrode the entire concept of horse furries on Japanese boards?

I don't draw furries much because I'm bad at getting the perspective on their face correct because I don't draw them because I... mugen loop.

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