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To all the cub lovers out there, today we lost, if not a legend, then one of the best. RIP Krezz.


🚼 🔞 🚸 🍼 Baby had a lil surprise for daddy!

Thanks for voting in my poll, maybe you will see bun stream someday!

If not you'll know i am just a shy baby. 👶

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Sorry for not posting anything the last 2 years but I never really finished a drawing or wasn't happy with them. I also recently switched from manga to a more realistic style but thought I will upload some of my old works here before. Even I'm not happy with them, because I spend too much time into it to not post them. Here is a sketch from Unistar I was allowed to color.

Should i stream on Pomf TV?

No guarantees, but i want to know what you think.

Have you ever been the witness of a chat where people argue with each other, and you suddenly realize from your perspective, every point made has some relevancy and fits along with what the other is saying, yet the argument gets heated and turns into an ad hominem competition, because the people involved are completely oblivious on the aspects they all agree on. :dont_at_me:

Animation update

I uploaded something to hold you over till I finish the bigger projects.

Hope you'll be patient with me for a bit longer. :blobheartcat:

🚼 🔞 🚸 🍼 Feel so good (Gif Animated Boy)

Dirty Diapers! 

🚼 🔞 🚸 🍼 Cleaning out.. (Colored) 💩

Dirty Diaper! 

🚼 🔞 🍼 Tails & Cream wearing diapers! (Old work)

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Dirty Diaper! 

🚼 🔞 🚸 🍼 Someone's looking at the potty butt!

🚼 🔞 🚸 🍼 Will it go in her? :blobowoevil:
Trying a different style, tell me what you think.

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