25: tummy

Reggie got a nice one. Toned from slaying other children who dare intrude on Endless Island. Gains transfer over from the fantasy realm. Twelve 4ever is technically an isekai.

@Highware thank you for this piece, and thank you for letting me commission you - it's worth every penny! I LOVE IT!!! ❀️ :hug:

Johanna gotta earn some extra cash on the side, so why not share her figure for people to learn from and appreciate.

Full: dropbox.com/s/sjc8xo90x0fyt5p/

Fanbox: highware.fanbox.cc/

i will do a small stream in a few minutes - i'm just testing it for a bit - nothing really will be drawn except for a sketch or some constructions...


@son_of_the_paladin hm? - oh i'm ok, (negative), just a coworker got infected and the whole shift is in quarantaine now - messed up infection laws and stuff - but i'm fine - no worries!

with the current developing of my art and the fact my paintings are reaching more and more the quality of my full renderings i've decided to take these two apart - on my cartoon work i will now concentrate on flat coloring like molly..., but with my paintings i will take one step further and make them all full renderings - it's time to climb one step up on the latter - also i'm in quarantine for the next two weeks, so: "HAPPY ART HOLLIDAY!" :boonchuy:

molly shows scratch how to make friends really fast and easily πŸ‘

:fakku: sorry, i had to reupload, 'cuz i can't leave the artwork without signature - sketches are ok without, but finished pieces have to have a sign - please if you can, vote, like or boost again - thank you very much! :hug:

@Pigeon hi, i saw your vanelope gif - all i wanted to say is "thank you" and show you this:

i hope you like it - i had much fun adding the audio!

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