@Tsutsuji If they think it’s disgusting, fine. I could give less of a shit about what you fuckers think.

@Tsutsuji Oh no, these lines on this sheet of paper are only a couple hours old, you can't fap to her gigantic breasts and child bearing hips! she's a newborn! Yes...they really do sound that stupid to me.

@Tsutsuji I have seen real grown-ass women that look like 12 year olds. Doing porn.
Haters live in a easy to shatter, tiny world. They refuse to expand their horizons blinded by their own disgust. Worst of all, anything and everyone they can't accept just gets attacked to a pulp over nothing, neglecting that they might have ruined someone's life over a petty disagreement.

@Tsutsuji "aging means learning and developing" I'd disagree since it's just the progression of physical age. Especially when we note, "humans can do that" keyword "can."
lol, how many humans actual l"earn and develop" as they get older? Although a pessimistic outlook, I'd say most stop learning and developing at 17 and, depending on their childhood, perhaps as early as 10 (for example, can read basic sentences, can do basic arithmetic, can parrot other peoples' thoughts, etc., but no further).

@MyriadTribulations who did hurt you in your life that you have such a negative and pessimistic view...
everyone learns and grows with every second in their life till the very end... :sadhotel:

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