Got inspired by Carapace with his drawings of Powder/Jinx hope you guys like this sketch gonna finish it a soon I can.

Jinx/Powder again
I felt like drawing her in a micro bikini and thought I'd theme it to her costume

I feel the last year I didn't do enough older girl with loli content and always been an important part of my work, so This year I want to do much more of that, i have a lot of ideas for later but if you want give me any suggestion you can do it :)

This is the first page of my part of the new years halloween winter comic for @LaCandyVan, expect more pages this week :blobhappy:

-Part 3 Lana

-Part 2 Leni

-Part 1 intro

I made an oc mascot for myself, meet Coconut Cora! 🌴 πŸ₯₯

Here's the final draft. Mabel is my focus for this month so expect more soon...

Hilda has a message for anyone who thinks they're saving the world by banning loli cartoons.

I liked that scene from the Hilda movie (when she turns back into a human after being a troll), so I decided to adapt it.

This time reposted without those friggin white bars covering Hilda's cunny.


From "that" episode, what regular animals do in nature.

I am sick right now and I feel like a total zombie

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