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20220531 A, B1-5, C1-11
Tempest (dom) and Reva (sub)
thicc thigh headlock!

facial abuse variants:

Art Trade

Might be the first time I get asked for "mecha" art.

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A redraw of an old commission. There is some stuff that i want to share but i feel it didn't age well.

Practical original character training center or something

Other peoples oc's from deviantart the dark edition

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All I wanted was to make some fanart only to find I cannot post it anywhere!

I have a bad feeling rule of law and causal thinking is disappearing in my lifetime.

Art trade

I might like saturation and shiny things too much if that is even possible.

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(Sarah) Extend it to almost 1 full minute.
This isn't meant to be anything good, or for any reason at all. I merely heard a cool song and wanted to put something to it. Really just a fun idea I had, and I don't do those much anymore so this is for me :)

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