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There is no monetization to keep the lights on for this server. No paid sponsors or ad revenue, no board of directors or shareholders to answer to. No selling of private data.

As such, I donโ€™t know for how long I can bear the brunt for the necessary upgrades needed on the horizon to keep registrations open. If you can spare anything, itโ€™d mean so much to me. Otherwise I may have no choice but to switch us to invite only.

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Big black cock comes to milk jugs white liquid all over, outrage.

Tentacles seem to be my go to at the moment I have two others concept done/รญn works.

Painting concept


You need to play to know ^^'

Lonarpg (game)

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Painting concepts I wish oil flats were as fast as digital haha

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20220327bronya A, B, C

Commission for ginklaga!
B: Nose hook
C: Ring gag

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