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Speaking of which I played unreal tournament not too many months ago that thing is timeless, aside from couple AI issues in objective play modes and a passiveness in CTF it is really pleasant experience.

Request number 6

Distracted myself for a second watching chinamu aka Chinese animation.

Doulou dalu is visual cocaine or something, its crazy how it keeps you watching.

Limited time

Part of request you can check out here if you are interested in getting your OC drawn

You can reply here as well.

Also new drawing display "fever".

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20201026 A1-2, B1-4, C1-6

Urethral training in an aphrodisiac gas chamber.

Also November reward folder is ready. The October rewards comes along for free😌

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If you are delusional, but understand it as delusion are you still delusional, I need to sleep.

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A lot of experimenting on this one as is quite usual for me especially now.

Twins in bath, poor things were broken very early age.

If you have OC's you would like drawn/painted check this out you can reply here. Still figuring out what to do.

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Joyfully playing in an aphrodisiac gas chamber >:)
Probly will be colored with lots of variants.

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