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@TrC Here's the full loop. the inner cube freaks out a bit, but it still loops.

@EroKord Looks good, there is a "white flash" that I would try to edit out (not sure why it is there).

Top tier animation.

@EroKord Very cool <3 would make great for a loading screen/stream pause etc especially fully looped!

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Public release on Valentine's Day. Similar to last year's Valentine image.
3 picture set. Smile, Chocolate, and Daddy's gift.
Available now over at

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Lorya 3:隔了一段時間變成了王位繼承人?中間究竟發生了什麼,而且這個王座z怎麼看都不太正常吧

Clementine from overlord, she is quite flexy in the series too, she is already broken and cant be broken again right?

Side note, dancing with "hula hula ring" is pretty epic looking.

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Been a while changed some habits for this year. I was quite disappointed on progress last year.

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A little token of thanks for @satori !:linneasmile: :baraag:
(I'll post a colored version as soon as it is done)

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