Painting concepts

Who's wrong here

Drug seller

Brander who influences you to accept the drug and ignore negative sides

Society for not condemning the drug

The drug

You for taking the drug

Withdrawal for fucking up my painting

The painting


Anything but the painting.

Nana my most innocent and curious android OC with firepower enough to level few countries.

Hmm yea a pirate. I'm kinda trying to fix all "problems" at once, might have to focus on one of them more. In short complicating things too much.


You know cosplay and costumes in general have gone up in quality like crazy. I should explore that.

Succubus is technically life-draining monster preying on your desires.

I really want to offline(and do art) more if that makes sense.

Painting concept

The sketch was kinda hastily made, but worked great as an experiment.

Big black cock comes to milk jugs white liquid all over, outrage.

Tentacles seem to be my go to at the moment I have two others concept done/Γ­n works.

Painting concept

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