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Old animation, thing are happening I'm just lazy taking photos, aiming jan 25th +-3 for painting patch 3

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Combining pinned toots, I add new ones to artpal, but you can always ask for old ones.

Patch 5 is due soon, you have seen some of them already here.

Nana my most innocent and curious android OC with firepower enough to level few countries.

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Hmm yea a pirate. I'm kinda trying to fix all "problems" at once, might have to focus on one of them more. In short complicating things too much.

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Botan's another throat trainnig in a room filled with a laughing gas.

A: Choked with the collar
B: Nose hook, Ring gag
C: Deep throat, Sheer latex mask, Needles, Pee


You know cosplay and costumes in general have gone up in quality like crazy. I should explore that.

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CrazyBunnyGirlEaster !

@ fans get high res (uncensored) and other goodies, when they come around.

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Succubus is technically life-draining monster preying on your desires.

I really want to offline(and do art) more if that makes sense.

Painting concept

The sketch was kinda hastily made, but worked great as an experiment.

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