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Commission Sheet 

After many delays due to mental health reasons, I finally open up commissions

Dm me on Discord if interested

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I shouldn't have to check my followers, but found out recently there's been a few ACTUAL PEDOS following me! GROSS

If you are a pedophile/""MAP"' (Stop, you're a pedophile, simple as that) or support pedophila, please STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME, I DON'T LIKE YOU!!

I don't give a fuck if you're even "Anti-C", I still don't like you!

Taking this comic in an alternate direction. Sabrina's far too drunk to fight back and Zig Zag finally gets to spend the night breaking her in.

Haven't decided if Zig will spend time tongue bathing and gently training her ass or if she'll just coat her in lube, tell her to bite a pillow and make it fit. One way or another Sabrina's getting used and abused.

I should make a new sona, but they won't last very long

Mental illness isn’t quirky.

It is not fun and it certainly isn’t something you want to have.

Disorders such as depression or anxiety can affect not only you but the people around you. And it’s something many people still struggle with.


Working on an Ivan x Albert set to make up for my disappointment on the doujinshi I recently bought lol (Jet might be involved too, but it will be hardcore maybe...)

And sometime soon, I need to work on another set involving Ivan and his father too :blobcat_sip:

I bought a Ivan x Albert doujin and was excited that it came today, only to turn out it doesn't have ANY Ivan x Albert action AT ALL, I was fucking tricked and now I'm pissed

Fucking cowards, stop pussyfooting around the baby! COWARDS!! 😭 I have to do everything myself, do I?

Dolly feeds her puppies some milk while Dylan feeds his sister a bone. Dolly will be needing the extra protein with all the puppies she's having lately and Dylan is more than happy to provide! Such a thoughtful bro~ 🦴

Installed Ibis Paint on my phone so I can draw when I'm out and christened it with a couple doodles.

the characters were made 14 yeas ago? that's cool, because they were 14 on the show

People get waaaayyyy too heated over a fictional character's gender nowadays.

Everyday deleting cp links comments from my pixiv posts

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