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continues with one of my favourite pieces I've Commissioned, with the wonderful voice acting by resident VA @dirtyhoof (Based on Nel's English Dub) and Artwork by @shadow2007x enjoy 3 Minutes with a Sex Crazed Nel ♥️

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As promised here it is!
Commission by @shadow2007x

Nel Tu as Goddess of Lust & Sex 💕

Her favourite tributes are Gold and Honey, along with all the Semen of her followers, even if it's from a freshly fucked female worshiper, she will get her tributes fresh from the sauce, her favorite hobby is to make them worship her body and lick sweet honey off her smooth Goddess body, her other favourite thing is to break new worshipers ⛤
Praise be to Nel 💕

May from Guilty Gear

This was a Patreon poll winner a few months ago.

Wanna talk about commission work?

Prices in my Bio

Nice move. Way to go, girl.

If you like all of my my work. Consider supporting me on:

And here’s my Commission info.

Rough Sketch of Lucy Loud.
Just want to draw something digitally.

Countess Penelope from Looney Tunes Mayhem.

Original Image: AltScrabble007
Colors by me.

this is the first part of a CG of 10 pictures about wendy and pacifica from gravity falls, so yeah is related to the las CG of Mabel and wendy :P
these CG's are exclusive content of my FANBOX

Here's some previews of the Wendy/Dipper comic! I just finished up page 9.

Early access to new pages on my patreon:

Kimy and Angélica futa commission (i forgot to upload this one )

Commission by @GemOfHearts

Based on the Karaoke Stream Celesse did the other day, it's fun to imagine naked Ratto singing her cute lil heart out to all her Bears 💖 She will be your Lover Rat 🎶

Commission. Bart and Goldilocks having some fun in the three bears house. Not sure baby bear is going to appreciate the mess.

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