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As promised here it is!
Commission by @shadow2007x

Nel Tu as Goddess of Lust & Sex 💕

Her favourite tributes are Gold and Honey, along with all the Semen of her followers, even if it's from a freshly fucked female worshiper, she will get her tributes fresh from the sauce, her favorite hobby is to make them worship her body and lick sweet honey off her smooth Goddess body, her other favourite thing is to break new worshipers ⛤
Praise be to Nel 💕

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First Baraag Exclusive (for now)
Commission by @shadow2007x

'Hikone is being Taught to be an obidient boy by Tokinada, he already successfully gave his Lord the blowjob that was commanded but now came a new little challenge to stop him being a brash servant, he was suspended by his hands and now has to obey his every command otherwise, no orgasm and knowing that he had failed his Lord, time to show restraint Hikone'

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Okay I lied, you have been good to me here so here is a second Baraag Exclusive

Commission By @shadow2007x

'Connie who has been decked out in her first Latex suit by her mother, to make it more hers Connie put her favourite swimsuit over it to make it truly hers, she has been training with her Mother and Father to be the perfect family slut, just look how well she take her well hung Father's cock, a true slut to make them proud'

Commission for @Tlasoi

They Said:
"Connie X Lion is my official ship after not seeing her in SUF so here is what I think happens, she is Lion's Belly Rider, she loves to be strapped to his belly as he roams open grasslands being pumped full of hot thick cum over and over by his almighty cock"

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Anyone open for Commissions and would do Simpsons stuff 💕

On that note, it's time to show some love back to you all. Here's a lovely sketch of Raven (trying) to pretend not to like exhibitionism to lighten up the mood :wink:

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everybody needs a little break from studying from time to time

For Us - Part - S1 Clementine

I have made too many Variations. Some are on Pixiv so if you want to see more feel free to check there.

To the people who like and re-toot my content on Baraag, thank you 💕

To the very special few who comment, thanks you 💕

continues :doro_hypersmug:
Commission by @shadow2007x

'"Stupid Dick" Nel continued to suck her large Futa Horsecock, "Mnnnnnnnfff Gyahmnphh" her small mouth could barely contain it, her Beyond Resurrection form had side effects when she returned to her small form, instead of going back to normal she stayed in part Horse, her new cock started small, once hard however it was a monster and she couldn't resist sucking it, her own dick tasted so good'

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