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continues with one of my favourite pieces I've Commissioned, with the wonderful voice acting by resident VA @dirtyhoof (Based on Nel's English Dub) and Artwork by @shadow2007x enjoy 3 Minutes with a Sex Crazed Nel ♥️

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As promised here it is!
Commission by @shadow2007x

Nel Tu as Goddess of Lust & Sex 💕

Her favourite tributes are Gold and Honey, along with all the Semen of her followers, even if it's from a freshly fucked female worshiper, she will get her tributes fresh from the sauce, her favorite hobby is to make them worship her body and lick sweet honey off her smooth Goddess body, her other favourite thing is to break new worshipers ⛤
Praise be to Nel 💕

Commission for Koneko Toujo

Lilo's Naughty Sleepover Comic Page 1-3, featuring lots of orgasms and big toys for these cuties to pass away the night, so wet and horny for each other

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My friend @shadow2007x seems to be stuck on their account on lock so it doesn't appear in feeds, can anyone help as they tried everything but still no public post

They just uploaded a naughty lesbian comic between Lilo and Mertle but they are sad that not many can see it

Now available for all: older Steven and Jay-Ten, as commissioned by Anonymous.
Full resolution available for patrons only.

hello baraag

just got note saying I was spamming, very sorry to other artist on here I just wanted to make sure I was caught up on upload as been busy

in future I will be more considerate to other amazing creator on here and post with more space

I hope people are doing ok during the pandemic and hope you continue to support creator ^-^

hope you enjoy the content I posted I also love other people art too ^-^

My first upload here. A cute booty to start things off <3
Always been one of the fav pics I've drawn~

WIP for @Tlasoi

They said they finally get to do a LovejoyCest image of Jessica being a "Daddies Girl", being a girl of the book she loves twisting it to make sure she has more sessions to ensure she becomes a loyal housewife like Mommy to him, who says having a devoted daughter was bad jajaja~

:patreon: Consider Supporting My Patreon For Early Content! :patreon:

At this time I want to thank all you amazing creators who have chosen Baraag to share your art
First I want to thank @satori for putting up with more than usual BS but we should all at least help support him for this instance he's helped create

Second, I would love to thank @8horns hosting their amazing Lisamania Event here so we get lots of delicious Lisa goodness

Third, I want to welcome all new creators, as someone who is just a lowly Commissioner, I love seeing people get to draw freely ♥️

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