Originally this commission was only the "stone" version but I wanted to give it the original colors as well.

Another Requested work form pixiv.
featuring Felt from Re:Zero.

You can send a Request to my Pixiv, more info. here:

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【NSFW】Epstein Island エプスタイン島、描いてる今… pawoo.net/media/FGwB-iwrbo8QsF

:over18: Yi from the movie "Abominable"

I had already finished this commission some time ago, but I forgot to post it

Okay I'm better now!!
But now thanks to the doctor and medicine bills, I'm broke so I'm officially back in business and finishing the commissions that I have pending.

Thanks to everyone who sent me their messages of support.

Guys!!, 🤒 I have caught the disease that is currently affecting the world, so my work rate will slow even more than it already was.
I beg you to be patient and I will back to work as soon as possible.

like I said, that Twitter account was only as a temporary backup and now I have the new official account:
Please follow me there.

My apologies for all the inconvenience.

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Here a little of I worked on the weekend.
I like her cos she’s an assertive girl who knows what he wants, with intelligence, glamour, good manners, and a kind heart.
but also because of her backstory. She fell in love & married someone she loved, no matter the prejudices of people about his boyfriend being a monster, and that is cool!
Soon I'll post a wallpaper version on my patreon.

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