bluhhhhhh i'm depressed yall, gimme some smut suggestions, i need stuff to draw, gimme ur fav cartoon girls/boys to lewd

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thanks for the many many suggestions y'all, expect a bunch of half-assed doodles soon lmao

@ThunderThot Summer Smith, but with a cuter cartoon style face and hair (like Disney)?

@ThunderThot you've done some mabel/dipper in the past. are you keen on twins? maybe Tate and Liza from gen 3 pokemon up to no good with their telepathic connection?

@ThunderThot Sorry to hear that, hope it passes.

I just started watching Kid Cosmic due to some erotic influences, is a real good show.

@ThunderThot oh boy, have i got a list for u!
Lola Loud
Leni Loud
Andrea from Molly McGee
Sandy cheeks
Lucy Loud
And more to come...

@ThunderThot mmmm
Robyn from wolfwalkers
Cassandra Loli from Tangled
Frolie from Very Important House

@ThunderThot jake long using his sister haley's tight pussy to cure their mutual boredom

@ThunderThot Maybe you could draw Louise Belcher from Bob's Burgers with her back turned to the viewer, lifting up the back of her skirt to show off her panties?

Lake / Mirror Tulip + Jesse Cosay
Lana Loud
Finn the Human
Dipper + Mable Pines
Tenten (Naruto)

Just throwing things out there, hope you find some inspiration because I'm excited to see what you end up making of it, lots of neat options already :3

@ThunderThot is it too late to suggest the classic ghoul school gals from scooby doo?

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