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New Commission Sheet! These'll be the new prices going forward!

A couple of y'all told me my last prices weren't doin' me justice, so thanks for all the support!! πŸ˜„ If you're interested, just shoot me a DM or email me at

Y'know i haven't done a poll on here in a bit, let's do one for tomorrow!

Ima just pick some characters from that post y'all dumped ya favs on for me πŸ‘

A quick mabel just cuz i wanted to practice drawing cum :p

Moments later probably πŸ‘… πŸ’¦

Btw, looks like Star is gonna win my poll for next month, so if you like this you might wanna check that out 😜

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Hope y'all like outdated memes cuz i almost never think to do it when it's actually trending.

Anyway here's Star :p

tried out some new shading stuff with this one, here's a preggo mabel for day 25: belly

love thinkin of the twins bein all lovey dovey πŸ’“

another oc thing

Lily has a bad habit of spying on her family a lot, and sometimes she get's quite the view 😜

oops almost forgot to do day 22: lingirie!

Here's my fav goth loli lucy

I can finally release these from SS, here's the winner of my Owl House Poll over there! WIllow gets a lil practice with her vine spells 😜

If ya wanna catch stuff like this when it's finished, check out my Subscribestar, and you can vote in the next poll i'll post later tonight πŸ‘Œ

Just a little thing of my OC Donna, realized i never drew her huge dick πŸ˜›

a day late but here's day 20: oppai

my PB just constantly runs horny experiments

Just a Katie and Aaron thing i doodled a few days ago, they're watchin a movie together ❀️

thanks for the many many suggestions y'all, expect a bunch of half-assed doodles soon lmao

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bluhhhhhh i'm depressed yall, gimme some smut suggestions, i need stuff to draw, gimme ur fav cartoon girls/boys to lewd

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