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August started nice but then at some point I just lost all urge to hang out and make stuff and I'm honestly forcing myself this morning to post something here. As it's a new month it seemed easiest to just pick my favorites from the very small pool of pictures I made this month. Usually I put up my archive links here around this time but I don't have it in me at the moment.

I also hit 500 users! Which is AMAZING but don't know what to do I've got so little motivation right now.

Love you all.

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I've started a team on Keybase, it's basically like starting a Discord server but with actual security and much more lenient content policies.

The team name is

You can join it by going to the Teams section of Keybase, clicking "Join a team" and typing the team name.

You can set up a Keybase account by downloading Keybase here:

(Keybase accounts are free to set up and require no email or phone number to create one.)

More info in thread ->

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The July archive is available! Much smaller than usual, only 1gb of erotica this time. But I feel it has some of my hottest pics yet (other than a couple I made today that are gonna be on *next* months archive!)

Void'ana loves you! <3

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July fanart!

Slow month for fanart too! *giggles*

VERY BIG BOMBASTIC THANKS TO @ShoSho for making another amazing manga pic of Void'ana. Yes she's taking it all and loving every minute of it, especially the spankings! <3 <3 <3

Thanks for making it possible for me to have a monthly fanart post this month ShoSho!!!

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Baraag: The Missing Manual

Notes on content warnings, sensitive, tags, and filtering.

If you post media that is sexy, mark it sensitive.

If you post text that is sexy, use a content warning and list what's sexy about it.

If you post media that is sexy *and* the text is sexy too, do both! <3

CONTENT WARNINGS DON'T COUNT AS TAGS. Tags must be in your message body to work right.

Tags should prioritize most extreme content for filtering to work.

(Baraag/Mastodon, plz allow Tags in CW!!!!!!!)

Love everyone out here on Baraag. I'm still around; life has been progressing ever forward. I wish I didn't feel like such a *boy* all the time but at least I've got some parts of my life back under control for now. Hoping to get back to art here soon. Love you all.

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(Was not meaning to be geocentric, for the summertime folks out there, sorry! You can micro your lube too but it's not always as pleasant in summer.)

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It's wintertime! Who else microwaves their lube? <3

(Also for the record I totally have a miss for yesterday, but it's been a clean run otherwise.)

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Kitsu is trying to enjoy her ice cream but her daddy wants to give her something tastier :blobeyes:
Character made by @ungatox3

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#Loli #shota 

Craig cuddled his sister Mandy and let out a happy sigh. While the twelve-year-olds were latchkey kids they didn't mind. It just meant more time they got to spend cuddling while watching cartoons. Craig liked The Loud House while Mandy preferred Amphibia. Neither argued over what they were going to watch. Whichever happened to be on was fine. What was more important to them was that they got to cuddle, kiss, and rub one another while sharing a great big bowl of hot buttered popcorn.

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I’m drawing Buttercup pegging Ace and there’s nothing you can do to stop me! 😈

I am *digging* this extra hour. This is standard time right?

Let's keep it


Okay done with exercise... 15 minutes for a nut! I can do this! (I hope!)

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Hornypasta or maybe not 

I'm honestly not sure I'm gonna make it. 2 hours seems like a long time but I got sidetracked before I started, now there's 1:15 left and I still haven't done my 45 of exercise for the day (and I'm on a 2 month streak so not gonna miss that) so... it's gonna be a difficult one!

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I was having such a productive day I forgot to Nut for ! 😮

Luckily I still have a couple hours so plenty of time for a good one! <3

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I recently had a braingasm and started designing a project that is just... too big. I don't even know why I am pursuing it. Even though I got some solid work done yesterday it feels like staring into the abyss this morning when trying to figure what to work on. It's like standing in an empty lot with a bunch of wood and nails and thinking "Some day, this will be a mansion!"

(not a sexy project, it's a VR game project)

At least it's nice that my brain is working again.

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