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Hey guys, so obviously this is a bit preaching to the choir-y but I have a Tumblr blog where I discuss pedophilia under an alias (to make sure my relationships stay intact) and I just felt like I should post a link to it here. I do want it to be more active with other people getting involved in the discussion, so if you could just do something there that'd be great

I may or may not delete this post in the future, but it's not like I can hide my pedophilia here anyway...

Rochelle, Goddess of the Night, and her little servant, Pansy~

As a historian would say, she "likes playing with children"

Is there ever a loli so pure that they're forbidden ground for lewdness?

Also watch Klaus on Netflix, you'll know what I mean



omg yall are gonna love what im cookin up rn

What level of clothing do you usually like in lewd stuff?

1- Fully, completely nude

2- Wearing very limited/suggestive clothing

3- Fully clothed but still lewd

People should really draw more lolis like those little cherubs you see on fountains and paintings and junk

I mean it's just an excuse for more angel lolis but still

I have a bad habit of not retweeting/reblogging/boosting stuff, so I'm probably going to do that a bit more

cw: brother-sister incest, nsfw, pregnancy risk 

These two claimed my horny mind this time around, but I might need to force myself to cash in on that interest by making an animation (not lewd, I gotta post something to the rest of the world) to test my mettle and actually try and advance my skills

Either way they're a brother-sister adventure duo, just like your favorite saturday morning cartoons

I reminded myself of Tangle's existence so if porn's ever gonna happen it's gonna be of her, brace yoselves

Also I'm feelin like I want to make it a full SFW/NSFW drawing

Seriously though she's probably my favorite singular Sonic design of all time (Cream being favorite overall)

I should draw more sonic porn in celebration of the sonic movie

Who's the most fuckable sonic gal? Apart from the already established

This is probably how I'll do backgrounds for sketches/drawings of this type, just changing around the color. You dig?

Sometimes, after a long day, all you need is a good little sister to unwind with~

Okay but seriously though, what are your opinions on backgrounds? Plain white feels kinda lame IMO

God, Snugglefucking is just the best possible iteration of sex. I refuse to believe otherwise.

Alright you must choose: Who's best bun?

Obviously recent drawings might skew the vote but still

So I had this cute idea for a story where a guy stumbles on this cute lil country girl in the middle of nowhere and they fuck a ton because they have nothing else better to do. They also do a bunch of other wholesome junk like her teaching him to braid her hair and whatnot.

She likes laying around naked outside~

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