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Hey guys, so obviously this is a bit preaching to the choir-y but I have a Tumblr blog where I discuss pedophilia under an alias (to make sure my relationships stay intact) and I just felt like I should post a link to it here. I do want it to be more active with other people getting involved in the discussion, so if you could just do something there that'd be great

I may or may not delete this post in the future, but it's not like I can hide my pedophilia here anyway...

I always go for 1 because I'm pretty sure like only 2 of my characters actually know how to pole dance like an actual pole dancer

Plus that's like a million times harder to get right in a drawing

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I've had this dilemma whenever I draw a character on a stripper pole

1- Draw the character just sorta presenting themselves in a sexy fashion on/using the pole

2- Draw the character doing the ungodly level of acrobatics actual pole dancers do irl

Honestly I'm super desperate to get the problem dealt with, so in case it's a normal problem I'm gonna describe it here and see if yall can help fix it before the official IT people:

Every once in a while, it seems like my pen is trying to act like a mouse and stops detecting pressure/smoothing the line. The stabilizers in Sai stop working too. The cursor turns into a sort of target shape outside of Sai, if that helps. It feels like a driver issue, instead of it being a problem with the pad...

I got a bunch more Snuggly action in the works tho, I/my drawing pad just need to start working

I really wanted to do a a whole Hypnosis/Love potion double post, but I guess the universe didn't want that so....

And pretend this pic is the same quality of that last one because my drawing pad is being too hard to work with to finish it

I wish I may, I wish I might

that my drawing pad will stop being such a piece of shite

Not even sure if I posted the last one, but I'm redoing the doll of mine where I can sort of store all outfit ideas I put onto myself on one file. This is a cute bikini design I though of just now.

What's your favorite loli body type (of what I've drawn at least)

Golems/elementals are the dopest shit change my mind

Random quick edit of her armor getting dissolved because I guess I didn't want to make a full alt of something so hot?

Also she's in the same universe/location as Bev (black engineer girl I've been posting) and they TOTALLY fuck

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