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Hey guys, so obviously this is a bit preaching to the choir-y but I have a Tumblr blog where I discuss pedophilia under an alias (to make sure my relationships stay intact) and I just felt like I should post a link to it here. I do want it to be more active with other people getting involved in the discussion, so if you could just do something there that'd be great

I may or may not delete this post in the future, but it's not like I can hide my pedophilia here anyway...

I will never not draw a Jude to celebrate June. There is literally 0 reason not to.

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If I did paid character design commissions (that is, where you give me parameters or ideas for a character to design/where I redesign one of your existing characters) would you go for them?

Don't mind me, just here to let you know that yes, you DO want mermaid lolis. You just didn't think about it.

Porno idea:


(this joke has never been made before and I will hire an assassin to murder anyone who dares to steal it)

I knew I was going to fall for Katara. Toph was a welcome addition. Ty Lee was basically a guarantee.

But the random female actor who plays Aang in the recap episode... I might just die. How the hell do they do it bros...

Lazy sketch

This kid is the king of getting to fuck women that are way out of his league

If I do more stuff with text in it, would you rather me use this kind of text "bubble" that's really hazy or a normal, solid text bubble?

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Hell has frozen over. I finally drew her in her "normal" clothes, and with the friend she's supposed to always be with.

Took me 3 goddamn years but I did it

FUCK I misspelled "slip" and FUCK I copy/pasted this exact phrase to each post of this on my other accounts

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Her name is Brooke and OF COURSE I based her off of a character I made in the Terraria character maker why are you asking

No relation to canon druid ofc

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Druids are naturally prone to living in the nude, but they'll sip on some cute clothes to appeal to modern standards when need be~

Random cute edit of a past drawing because horniness requires immediate satisfaction

I like to imagine her loving running around naked in nature

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