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There won't be many of these "toots", so I'll just be laying some info down now.

Unless I'm spoken to directly, or I decide to speak with others, you won't be seeing any personal posts from me.

This is an indulgent art only space!

I hope you enjoy your stay, and that your thirst is quenched ;P

She tired to hold in the filling, but the love wand was too much.

Pip may be a janitor, but he has no problem giving Niffty more work to do while she's already busy.

Being broke leads Legoshi to a being with a random beast for the night.

This is probably nothing new for her, but it's still a work load.

Lucia giving a very great reason why she should be praised.

The fall was only inconvenient for Vaggie. It's more than convenient for everyone else.

Laundry takes up a lot of time. But Pip has ideas on how to pass it.

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