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There won't be many of these "toots", so I'll just be laying some info down now.

Unless I'm spoken to directly, or I decide to speak with others, you won't be seeing any personal posts from me.

This is an indulgent art only space!

I hope you enjoy your stay, and that your thirst is quenched ;P

Everyone wants their hands on a Home Unit model. They come equipped with many pleasurable settings.

Decided on something cute with a pinch of lewdness. Need to shake things up now and then ;P

Was feeling Pico today. Poor thing must be sensitive right now.

OMFG CLOWN!!!1!!11!
But seriously, was not expecting to draw Tricky. But here he is.

Decided to finish this up from a while back.
So here's some Pico, now with more freckles ;P

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