What a stream. XD I had some Discord difficulty during the stream that put it on hold for quite a while but we managed to fix it and pull through! Thank you to Hime Iris and our own Dorothy for being so helpful! <3 This one is another person from my dreams, this time a darker-skinned loli. >w< She is a smug little one who aged several years by the dream's end. owo This is her at the start more or less. I hope you enjoy and that you come and join me next time!

Stream starting soon! Trying hard to get fully back into it regularly, but to be honest I am finding it difficult. Perhaps I am mentally tired? Either way, come and join the fun! Also, two request slots are still available.


@shamefulcafe Aaaaaaa the best fluffy boys~! <3 Wonderful work!

@Magnta555 Oh they are just perfectly sinister~ what a cutie! <3

@crumbs Cute as all hell~!! <3 You do such lovely work! ^w^

Strawberry halloween color sketches [1/2]

made these last month for halloween, were fanbox exclusives but no more, hope you guys like them!

@godalmite That is... quite the dialogue. XD Hehe nice work.

Another stream in the bag. ^w^ I branched out to something new. Here we have a request for Hitomi from Killing Bites sucking on a horse cock! I have never drawn a horse cock before, so it is new territory for me, but it seems to have turned out well. ^w^ Also an interesting dive into light furry, something I do not do often. I hope you enjoy and that more of you will join me on streams in the future!

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