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Since my requests are proving more popular than I thought, I thought I would take the time to explain request priority real quick. >.<

-Total of 5 slots.
-First come, first served.
-Requests are done during my bi-weekly streams.
-Requesters present during streams will have priority over those not present.
-Requests have no guaranteed final quality level.
-Commissions (if open) will take priority over requests.

I hope that helps explain everything. Thank you all so much for all the requests! <3

And that is another stream, thank you to all who joined!

Got a request lined today, say hello to Riley Anderson (sen?) and Spot. This will be colored and shaded, though I am not sure how I want to go about that yet. Please enjoy! <3

Going to start a stream today! I have been on a nostalgia trip for myself, so I will be playing (and possibly drawing) some WarioWare today. Also doing requests. Come and join the fun if you like! ^w^ <3

NSFW loli/shota 

And that concludes an odd stream. owo When I started, it was delayed by about 20 seconds or so, but by the time I ended, it was behind nearly half an hour. Something to work on and solve, eh? >w<

Nothing complete enough to show for this one, but stay tuned for some trap/loli/bestiality and loli futa peeing. ^w^ Thank you to those that joined me today. I AM BACK YOU LOVELIES! WOO! \^0^/

Starting a stream today! I will likely be playing games more than drawing, but both are possible today. Expect Red Dead Redemption II and Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast mostly, but other games and lewd art are certainly candidates for today! I will also soon compile a list of my streamable games and perhaps do polls on which ones to play. Stay tuned for that. ^w^ Come and join the fun! <3

On the note of streams, I am going to do a test stream this evening to see what kind of issues I run into with my new hardware setup. I will be messing around in Red Dead Redemption II for the majority of it, (no mic or cam, sorry >w<) so if that sounds like fun come and join at the usual place! ^w^

I deeply apologize for my long hiatus; I have been dealing with some personal struggles (and tech difficulties) lately and have lost most of my motivation. I am going to try and get back in the swing of things soon.

I am considering, at least for a while, dropping my scheduled art streams to one per week (day of the week TBD), and instead start up my game streams (schedule TBD, only for now). This will allow me to ease back into streaming while I sort things out. Thank you, lovelies. <3

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