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Since my requests are proving more popular than I thought, I thought I would take the time to explain request priority real quick. >.<

-Total of 5 slots.
-First come, first served.
-Requests are done during my bi-weekly streams.
-Requesters present during streams will have priority over those not present.
-Requests have no guaranteed final quality level.
-Commissions (if open) will take priority over requests.

I hope that helps explain everything. Thank you all so much for all the requests! <3

Another stream done, though perhaps not super successful. XD My router decided to die partway into the stream, but I managed to resurrect it and complete the stream!

Today I managed to sketch and line this drawing of a boy I met in a dream. He has copper hair, pale skin, freckles, and is soft but toned. He is dreamy as fuck! =w= I hope you enjoy him as much as I did in my dream. XD I do plan to color this and do more with him! ow< Both flaccid and erect versions here. c=

Starting the stream soon! Probably going to be a laid back stream today. =w= I will be drawing whatever suits my fancy today, so requests and my own ideas are all fair game! ^w^ Come and join and relax with us! c=

been working on a new anim these last couple days and I want to give it that anime look, not perfect yet but I'll get there soon hopefully, here's a little demo of it, fanbox supporters get to see the full version! (to be posted one of these days)

thanks to everyone who's already supporting me, for wanting to help me make more of these uwu/

also, as many of you have asked, I will reopen animation comms soon, will let you guys know when.

Another stream done! =w= It was a nice, laid-back stream today, where I got my idea on (digital) paper of a cute loli showing herself off to a lucky second-class passenger aboard the Titanic! But, mind the Notice! >w<

I will definitely get this drawing to a finished state, and I am thinking of doing more with her in the future! Thank you to all who joined!

Time once again for The Chara Show! Come and join me as we draw lewds of all kinds and enjoy entertaining videos at the same time!

Another successful stream! =w= Had a bit of eye strain at first but I think once my color profile kicked in at sunset it helped alleviate that. >w< I finished another request and also shaded the The Outer Worlds drawing too! I think it is one of my best works yet; I can only get better from here! ^w^

Going to start the stream soon! Not sure what I will draw today; my mind has been preoccupied with one of my favorite games lately. >w< Entertainment abound! Come and join!

Another stream done, NOT INTERRUPTED THIS TIME! XD Had an idea of my own I completed today; Parvati and Junlei from The Outer Worlds getting intimate, much to Parvati's embarrassment. 0w< I plan to shade this, but I am still trying to find my digital style and niche I suppose, so we will see what comes, eh? c= Lined and Flat Colored versions included.

Stream starting soon! Come and join! Three request slots are open. We will be doing those and some current pop culture possibly as well. ^w^

You know what I hate more than unexpected company? Unexpected company that then does not show. πŸ™ƒ

Well, something came up and I had to cut the stream short today. >.< I may continue tomorrow to make up for it, but definitely Tuesday.

I did manage to finish two requests pretty much! I think I like the way the shading turned out on Dee Dee; I may add some color. ^w^ I also may add a bit of lighting to the Snuggling Dreemurrs picture too. >w<

It is October 32nd, Halloween, Part 2! Time for another stream! I will probably not have any themed drawings today, but we will still be watching old spooky TV shows! ^w^ Also this stream may be a bit shorter than most as my allergies are kicking my butt. I still hope you come and join us! =w=

Now, for the second set of images from the Halloween stream, we have cute little Wednesday Addams! =w= It took me a bit to find a simple pose, but I ended up with a good lean forward here, so I went with that! ^w^ I am not please with the shading at the moment (I admit shading is my Achilles heel right now), so I decided to upload all stages, lines, flat color, flat color with background, and shaded. Please enjoy!! <3 ^w^

Aaaaa that was a fun little difference for the stream today! Happy Halloween!! =w=

Now, I made multiple versions of my two sketches today, so this first set is myself and Frisk posing for a Halloween-themed picture, playing a serial killer and their victim respectively. ^w^ Frisk is a good actor, however they cannot help to hide their... excitement. 0w< I do plan to color it, but I am not sure how I want to do that yet. I hope you enjoy!

Okay here we go! Starting the Halloween Special Stream in just a bit! Come and join us! I have lined up a few spooky lewds to draw today as well as some fitting entertainment to go with! ^w^

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