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Since my requests are proving more popular than I thought, I thought I would take the time to explain request priority real quick. >.<

-Total of 5 slots.
-First come, first served.
-Requests are done during my bi-weekly streams.
-Requesters present during streams will have priority over those not present.
-Requests have no guaranteed final quality level.
-Commissions (if open) will take priority over requests.

I hope that helps explain everything. Thank you all so much for all the requests! <3

Who needs shallow resolutions and false promises when your ass is already that fine? Sometimes I get hard just thinking about it...

Happy New Year, everybody! Here is to a happier and more productive year for all of us! c= ❤️

Today I am going to try and work on my illustrated Undertale/Starbound crossover story. I am not sure that staring at a Word document for five hours would be very entertaining, so I will not likely stream.

On that note, I really have to admire most of the artists on here. I really do not know how you do it, how you stay motivated or disciplined enough to draw as much as you all do. I personally struggle to get myself to draw bi-weekly, so big praise and love to you all that can manage it. <3

blood, fictional child violence, LoZ 

a little clip of the animation of this month, if you become my fanbox fan you'd be helping a cute boy make more of these but also get access to the full version of this and many more I have planned for later, also sketches and other lewds I post from time to time, thanks! :blobcatmelt:

And that is it for another stream! Thank you to all who joined me! I got a request to "draw my favorite meme" so I picked one with lots of lewd potential! In the works also is a drawing of Riley Anderson from Inside Out getting anal from Spot from The Good Dinosaur. It is currently a work in progress so stay tuned! Anyway, enjoy the silly and lewd meme!

Setting up for the stream! I was busy yesterday so the stream was moved to today. I hope you come and join us! I will probably be doing mostly request sketches today to clear the queue.

What a stream. XD I had some Discord difficulty during the stream that put it on hold for quite a while but we managed to fix it and pull through! Thank you to Hime Iris and our own Dorothy for being so helpful! <3 This one is another person from my dreams, this time a darker-skinned loli. >w< She is a smug little one who aged several years by the dream's end. owo This is her at the start more or less. I hope you enjoy and that you come and join me next time!

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