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How interested would you be in reading a yaoi shota harem doujinshi?



巨根包茎ノブハル | オベッチョ #pixiv

I feel like this doesn't need to be stated but I guess it could make all the difference.

I am not sexually attracted to children in my everyday real life.

For two reasons:

1. Real children can't consent.
2. Fictional children is way more fun.

⚠️Shota/bestiality/light inflation~/horsefuck😳/adventuretime

Who would’ve thought our prince was nothing but a unicorncumdump💦👑

「汁まみれが大好きなイッキくん」 | オベッチョ #pixiv


summertime shota at the nude beach~
tiny peepee version.

shota, hyper dick 

summertime shota at the nude beach, BUT WITH A **BIGGUS DICKUS**

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