Literally was one of my favourite artists but that is inexcusable. Just makes me wonder how many other images are traced over images of real children

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Ok so I found an image on Pinterest of a boy (sfw) and it looked so close to a shota image I've seen before that it was creepy. I compared them and yeah. It was traced. Even the clothes and the hair colour of the boy are the same. And it's like one of the most popular shota artists...Jesus
And his pixiv favourites are full of images that look like real kids edited to be naked. What the fuck

Alright, why the hell did I just see porn based on Anne Frank, just with a missing letter in the name? Like that's really fucked up and in horrible taste, why would someone think that's at all acceptable?

Why the fuck is people making nsfw of Anne Fr@nk? Wtf.

Anyone see the person at the anime con with the anti loli sign walking around lol

Just saying some of you guys tag your art as shota when it isn't 😭 shota is about pre puberty/early pubescent look, I've seen some very very VERY adult looking shotas on here

I saw someone on tiktok saying "I'm mlm and if you're a CIS WOMAN finding men with men hot in any way, shape or form, YOU ARE A FETISHIZER and you disgust me!! I can't stand the thought of someone thinking about me like that" (not word for word)

Like...literally no one is getting hurt by women finding men with men hot 😐 and it doesn't hurt anyone either. If you seriously get upset over what people get off to (that harms no one) then that's not healthy man

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