SO I am making a opening today
Will take 6 slots or so now

Commissions will be accepted ONLY through my email:
For any questions regarding commissions please use this email as well.

People who asked before will get a priority

I will post again when commissions will be closed

Finished comission: keep your partner close to you~ ❀️

Thanks for the support!

πŸ₯š How old are those?
πŸ₯” They live up to 5 springs!
πŸ₯šThat's 500 years in your world. Good I can see them for the only time in my life...
πŸ₯”Yeah, Humans kinda live shortly :")
πŸ₯š I'll try to stay much longer with you, I promise :"3

@Tetongu Happy 6 months you cute potato, I wuv u ❀️

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