Im streaming again ^^; just fooling around since i got a better sai ver

Maybe new ocs? I named them Ava and Isla ^^ Ava is pink and Isla is the other

Anyone seen that special ep where there is a time loop?
ponk and bacon were sooooo cute together :,)

Slowly trying to animate, its gonna be a while till i can geet to where i wanna be though ^^;

Messy doodle of two peeps ocs i did on stream ^^
@Dorothy and @Timbo1998
Was fun to doodle them and chat too !
Im streaming! drawing my own stuff but after i will deff take ocs and requests if im not too sleepy! ^^

My stream sketches, I forgot to say i was streaming here but i will next time!!

Draw of an oc as a loli. Her name is casey and she is a computer nerd that may or may not kidnap you for "research". She also loves to eat and spy on people :akkoshrug:

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