Today I woke up, and chose violence.

Shirt cut meme, Toru Hagakure cosplay edition!

Would it be risky to try and post this in DA?
IT IS, *technically*, sexualizing an underaged character...

Page 232!
Oh look at that, new Lovin'Sis page!

Now with more, hum... straight sex?
I guess some people are into that?

Poor Val, missed the pool day.

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Katie Mitchell’s working on a new student film. No way she wouldn’t write herself into it.

Pages 229, 230 and 231!
LOTS OF FUCKING. That's about it.

I actually missed a week. For the first time since the comic started, I properly missed a week without a grievous circumstance getting in the way.
Dang it, there goes my record!
Well watcha gonna do?
Aside drawing more porn.

Which I will.

Anyway, happy pride!

--also it was pointed out to me that, as a redhead, Nichole wouldn't tan, but would get sunburnt, so I retconned her temporary skin tone to red. Girl gonna need that Aloe--

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So here's my 1st comic commish about Lovin' Sis, which was done by @xierra099 herself

Beside the page about non-canon thingy, which was done by me

Page 228!
Just a couple of loving sisters having some chill bonding time over mutual interests.

Had no idea what to do for a stinger so, have an afterglow pic.

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