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Hey everyone! Working on a B&W mini(?)-comic right now, and I’ve gotten enough of the pages drawn to where I’ll feel comfortable with starting to upload them real soon and maintaining somewhat of a schedule with it.

Some teen Mike x Bubbles action! Mike reveals to Bubbles that he still hasn’t “done it” yet, and in return she gives him an offer he can’t refuse!

Another fun commission of Lori and Lincoln Loud for @croyven

and if any of y'all are interested in a comm like this, just shoot a dm my way ✌️

Lovely ass job for a long time friend of mine💚💚💚💚

Animation version on my twitter @BummiDummy

A couple Luz and Camila pieces from Subscribestar, more stuff like this up on my page, only $5 a month if ya wanna vote in the polls and decide what i draw next✌️

have a little more amphibia smut ✌ Anne gettin' some tentacle action 😜

Just a lil sketch with loli Marcy sittin' on Anne's lap :p

@LilAndy 's OC Lily - Helmet

Based on this illustration.

Pixiv request made by wampast0mpa.

I got a Peing post asking if I can do LilAndy's other OCs too. I do plan to do them too but my priority is for the commissions first, and it just so happens that this requester likes Lily.

A tribute to @xierra099 #lovinsis was my gateway to loli and this is one of my favorite stills from the series.

I hope to see a lot of Linnea art posted this week. I love this website :blobheart:

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