Got this commission from @Yokappa! Very cute and well done hehe--I also added some shading to it myself and some line adjustments to contrast better.

Now I realize this is the first time Ninjin (loli or adult) has been seen with some horse cock--welp, I am a bit of a fan of size difference... ^^;;

Oh hey, Rose Lalonde won my latest selfcest poll over on Subscribestar, and there's another poll up right now if ya wanna decide who's next for some self-love/lewdness 😜

Rose Lalonde selfcest up on the subscribestar if ya wanna check it out 😉 only $5 bucks a month to support me n vote on the polls over there ✌️

Immediately felt i had to lewd the new cutie from the direct, so here's a Penny :p

This one came together faster than expected, Samara slurping! Enjoy! (finished)

I made a proship character and an antiship character just so I can pair them together lol. They have a very interesting relationship to say the least.

>After Westwood Studios developed the critically acclaimed Dune II, Computer Gaming World reported in 1993 that the company would not use the Dune license for Westwood's next strategy game "mostly because the programmers are tired of sand".
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