Special price in sketchs...

As you read, from November 16 until December 20, the skecth commissions will have a special price, your prisoner will be $ 10 USD, but that has the price special, because for that price the sketch can have 1 to 3 characters, it can be NSFW, all at no cost
The restrictions will be the same as always
No realism
Don't vore
No gore
No scat
No Xenomorphs

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@Takeshi1000 Oh and Takeshi oneday your going to have to show all your patreon pics maybe in the near future on pixiv but will see hopefully.

Although I do not know it I heard roumers you made Teri from Amazing World of Gumball. so hopefully you can use my OC that is Malcolm Hagman oneday in your future artworks when you make a couple of them.

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