Sometimes on discord I act as the political opposite, idk why. I feel like jreg

Those mfs think they are people but are junji ito uzumaki level obsessed with labeling themselves like they are products that need to be sent from china to amazon warehouses. Werent you, like, wanting to be seen as humans. Why do you then just see each other as accumulations of lifeless pins of colors that serve like product categories?

Then I need to be as exited as snorting two kilograms of cocaine each time I see those stupid bisexual flag color strips to form part of their random letter death cult? Fuck off

Would you like a tree in this trying time? It has 186 nodes, descending 32 nodes down.

They usually got recorded on strangers phones, something they loved, something that they were sure would make their sex shows and them more popular on the time. Since they were shown Marieneko’s lewd media, they decided to save up the money gained in their lewd public performances, while trying dirtier stuff like nipplefucking, and even letting themselves be used as toilets by the public, things that would sure make the revenue higher, to buy the stuff to start their naughty streaming career.

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Anyway, these two are Jade and her sex toy/best friend/pet shade, they love to fuck in public, the best thing from it is the money they get in the tip jar while doing so. Each day they try to do new stuff, one of these things being reverse petplay, that time shade got to be her owner’s owner and reverse roles in a really hardcore bdsm petplay. The public loved the show as they showered in their milk and cum as the tip jar drowned in golden coins and filth dirtied bills.

A good friendship that lasted some good 5 days. Now Im going to hell to look for more friends

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