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Bad news, everyone.
I have a commission listing now. :pika:

No colors.
I mostly do seks, but if you just want something you can show to your mom, that's cool too.

We'll discuss what you want, and I'll see what I can do.

Good chance I stream it too.

Hope this ain't too confusin'

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Alright, I now went and manually uncensored them. So here's a repost. :NepOkay:

Reminder that the censored is still on Pixiv.

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Just found this site.

:BUTTS: Sounds like a good loli outlet for my horny drawings.

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It's an pleasure to meet you all at baraag.

My name is DIGI, and I have been producing an original character called DIGI-TAN for 16 years.

I quit drawing, but my love for characters has not changed :blobsnuggle:

Illust by @hmhr_108p

This is food 

Only took about 70 hours. 70% of them staring at a wall. :kannaBlob:

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Special versions and PSD found here:

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