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"I thought if I just smiled and played dumb I'd get away with it. But the dealer knew before he even counted the money I gave him, he knew I was shorting him somehow. Was the wad of cash too small? Or did I have a tell? I'm not sure what it was, but something gave it away. It was only weed, I didn't think he'd care this much. But they did. Now I'm stuck here waiting to find out what he plans on doing to me, or if they want to make an example of me when the others arrive..."

Collaboration with @PixelJail. Not too recent but still fun to look at <3

UNCENSORED VERSION on @PixelJail's lovely website:

The peasants found the lustful demon in the dark of night, but they were too late. If anything, he seemed more excited by being caught! :O

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Here we're looking thru the microlens to see the teeny weeny mushroom fairy in her natural, sleepy, environment. I wonder what else she gets up to?!

- Growing up I stopped playing with my Teddy.
Teddy couldn't handle this.
Night after night
from the shelf
its plastic eyes became greedy.
I felt its jealous gaze obsessing on every bit of my skin
And its crazy grin slowly appeared in the dark
to tell me of all its dreams of revenge -

Hi, I'm SweetSchoolgirl,
I'm going to publish my kinky illustrations here
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When I grew up I stopped playing with my Teddy.
Teddy didn't like this at all.
He stares at me all night long from its shelf.
I can feel his plastic gaze indulging on my skin.
He's dreaming of revenge

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