interestingly, I was already considering doing something with the "80's aerobics" theme (I used to feverishly adore the TV aerobics as a kid) so the suggestion with April was right on time

慶応遊撃隊 活劇編25周年おめでとう記念ということで蘭未ちゃん描きました。ほんと移植してほしい・・・!

Commission for @Smolly_Poli , OC Character creation Saki (First idea)

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Well, folks. We finally heard back from Twunter and they are not unsuspending our account, citing "hateful conduct".

If anything, however, the past 30 days have proven that cutting the bird app out of our lives has been one of the best things we could have done. We appreciate all of you kings who found us, and will now focus on the things in life that matter.

Like anime tits, vidya, beer, and fart jokes.

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